Replica Cartier Ronde Louis

Ronde Louis Cartier watch is another new classic series in Cartier, not only inherited the Cartier antique classic round watch design style, also expressed Cartier "circle" of the latest interpretation of the perfect shape. Disk shape with Roman numerals Breguet needle blue steel hands, intoxicating charm of classical elegance, 6 o'clock position of the small three-pin and a good blend of the entire disk, calendar window at 3 o'clock is very natural and easy to read.

Roman numerals with Arabic numerals on the replica Cartier Ronde Louis watch dial, together form a unique twenty-four hour display, showing the pure French style. In the microscopic world round watch, each part like a moon and stars, the accuracy to the public switched turn, between you and me in the wrist to create a timeless time. Mosaic blue spinel cabochon crown and rounded case with well matched with luxurious and elegant crocodile leather strap, eye- catching.

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